Power increase to different variations including:

edo V1- 550 PS/760 NM
edo ECU calibration, duration: 1 day, as well as export

edo V2 - 600 PS/785 NM
V1 + air filter + modified intake system + sport exhaust muffler, duration: 5 days, export

edo V3 - 650 PS/825 NM
V1+V2+ sport catalytic converters, duration: 5 days, as well as export

edo V4 - 700 PS/865 NM
V1+V2+V3+ turbochargers, duration: 4 weeks, only at edo competition

edo V5 - 750 PS/900 NM
V1+V2+V3+V4+ intercoolers, duration: 12 weeks, only at edo competition


  • High performance exhaust system only (stainless steel construction, butterfly valves)
  • The sound level of the high performance exhaust can be adjusted via remote control
  • Two settings (Super Sound and Stock) are available at the push of a button
  • edo body lowering module, height adjustable 


  • 22” sport wheels
  • Three-piece with forged center
  • hand-polished stainless steel outer rim
  • 9 stainless steel bolts.
  • Tire dimensions: 265/ 30 ZR 22 (front), 305/ 25 ZR 22 (rear)
  • Continental tires Wheels can be custom-painted on request