We shoot forward in this bullet at a dizzying speed as if catapulted.

What usually makes most people put on the brakes as they head towards speeds of 300, at least in their minds, are not just the 887 HP behind them but also the respect for the expensive 918 Spyder that now costs way over 1 million euro. You don’t really want to be messing it up on an ordinary crash barrier.

Edo is less concerned. He’s already driven so many extreme sports cars, whether its’s for tuning, breaking records or on race tracks, that he knows how far he can push the car.

And then he shows what we’ve been missing so far. The two-seater burns up the motorway as if there’s no stopping it. Anyone who’s now thinking, that’s sheer madness, should experience the sports catalytic converters designed by edo competition in action. The afterburn from the exhaust pipes is phenomenal at night! The sound level of the 918 is pretty huge by standard but now, by comparison, just a prelude to the unleashed inferno. The V8 cylinder, the deep red glowing sports exhaust system with newly designed catalytic converters, now the fast car really shouts down any pistons pounding through the neighbourhood without almost any damping at all.

Just a few minutes and it’s over, the motorway doesn’t even allow for longer distances over 300 at night. Edo takes his foot off the accelerator and lets the fast car slowly glide at more civil speeds. The tension also gradually subsides now and is taken over by the delight in this fantastic result. Relaxed, my gaze wanders through the interior catching sight of a whole range of different carbon finishes. The whole thing is very impressive. Everything’s customised, leaving no wish unfulfilled.

We return more than happy with some good shots. Challenge and dynamics, these two key elements of edo competition’s brand awareness have once again been met. A performance packed with passion and interior design full of emotions! That’s another masterpiece from edo competition!

Just before the factory gates, he can’t resist though and puts the powerful acceleration to the test once again, switching down a gear and putting the system’s brutal roar to use. In the rear-view mirror the flames light up the driver’s eyes, that’s the pure passion of driving!